Privacy Policy

What We Collect

We collect two sets of data from you: temporary site session cookies and any personal data you – or authorised contacts within your organization - submit via forms within the service portal.

Temporary Cookies

We store temporary cookies in your browser to help us track your session and the current Customer you’re viewing (this is useful if you have roles on more than one Customer), to provide a robust and reliable experience within the QuantityWare Service Portal (the “Portal”). Please see our Cookie Policy for more information.

Data Submitted via Forms

Below are details of the personal data we can collect from you, and how it is entered within the various areas of the Portal:

  • My Profile
    • On this screen, you can update your primary account details that we hold on you: your name, email address (which doubles as your login), phone number, job title and fax/mobile number.
  • Contacts Manager
    • On this screen, you can update your organization-specific data that we hold on you: your organization email address, phone number, job title and fax/mobile number.
  • Test / Demo Usage Key Request
    • On this screen, you enter the details of your organization to sign up for test/demo usage keys.
    • In doing so they you details of those people in the organization they wish to have Portal accounts created for.
    • If you are included in the list of people, the data provided about you are: your name, email address (which doubles as your login), phone number, job title and fax/mobile number.
    • In order to allow us to create your organization record and Portal accounts for the people specified, the data you enter is encrypted and stored for up to 6 months before being automatically deleted.
  • Usage Questionnaire Form
    • On this screen, you enter the details of your organization to determine the best QuantityWare product solution for your organization, along with a quote for the selected solution.
    • In doing so you submit your details, along with the details of a manager within your organization who will provide sign off for the quote created.
    • The data provided about you and the manager are: name, email address (which doubles as your login), phone number, job title and fax/mobile number.
    • To provide you with multiple opportunities to download your completed Usage Questionnaire (in case of network issues / file deletion etc), the data you enter is encrypted and stored for up to 48 hours before being automatically deleted.

NOTE: your personal data may have been entered through the Contacts Manager, Test / Demo Usage Key Request, or Usage Questionnaire Form by someone else from your organisation or organisation to whom you are affiliated. In doing so, they will have agreed to abide by this Privacy Policy and confirmed that the data is accurate and that they are empowered to share such data.

Who Can Access Your Data?

The following people can access your data within the portal:

  • QuantityWare Team
    • The QuantityWare Team can view your name, email address, phone, fax and/or mobile numbers – both your primary details and your organization-specific details.
    • This allows them to contact you within the Portal and provide off-line support if required. 
  • Organization Members
    • Authorized members of the organization(s) with which you are associated within the Portal may view your organization-specific personal data.
    • This is limited to those members or the organization with "Cust Admin. or "Management" roles – and they can only  see your data for that specific organization.
    • Such members from your organization also have the authorization to request changes or deletion of such data; these change requests are submitted via portal tickets which provide an audit path.

How We Use Your Data

In all cases, any personal data added to the Portal is used either by QuantityWare or your organization to ensure an uninterrupted usage of our solution and to minimize risk to your organization.

We use your data in the following ways:

  • To allow you to log in with your email address
  • To email you when actions have been performed on, or questions/comments added to, tickets you’ve raised with us
  • To email you with alerts / reminders for any of the following (depending on your assigned security privileges within the portal):
    • Upcoming QuantityWare BCP/BCG usage key expiries
    • Upcoming contract/agreement expiries
    • Due / overdue invoices
  • To contact you with any queries relating to your organization (including but not exclusive to tickets, invoices, and usage keys)

We maintain no private information in this portal unless requested to do so through a ticket/TUKR/DUKR/Usage Questionnaire submission; otherwise, all personal information is maintained by representatives of your organization or the organization to whom you are affiliated.

Handling Your Data

The security of your data is of utmost concern to us. 

We do not share your personal data with any third party, unless required to by law.

During the collection of your data by QuantityWare GmbH, we exercise due care and attention to the storage and maintenance of such data as defined in the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. 

All personal data stored within this portal is encrypted. Any user accounts that have been archived will have their personal data permanently deleted within 24 hours.

Data Breaches

In the unlikely event that any abuse or unauthorized access to your data becomes known to us, we will inform you immediately as to the nature of breach and the extent of data compromised.

Accessing Your Data

If you wish to view any data we are holding on you, or require us to remove any data we are holding about you, please contact us (details below) detailing the actions you need us to take. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, and work to ensure your requirements are met.

NOTE: when your account is “archived” within the portal (which will occur when you no longer have any customer-specific roles within the portal, and no special “consultant” role or super user role), your personal data will be permanently deleted within 24 hours.

Questions / Concerns

If you have any queries regarding our data usage policy, please contact us (details below) and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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